Spend your time
with comfort
In capsules for rest at Sochi airport
Free Wi-Fi and gadget charging
Game console Xbox with the best selection of games
We do not book capsules in advance.

There is a 24-hour admin desk. There are places as a rule.

2nd floor, sector B.
We are waiting for you

Relax with us
  • We're close by.
    We are located in the building of the airport terminal 2nd floor sector B. No need to go out and spend money on travel. Round the clock check-in.
    Concierge services.
  • Expect to lie down
    Quality orthopedic mattress
    and a pillow "with memory foam".
    Disposable bed linen. Plaid.
  • Individual space
    Get away from the crowd. A great solution
    For parents with children.
    A place to lie down if you don't feel well.
    An opportunity to tidy up, a mirror.
  • Hourly schedule
    Choose the right number of
    hours without overpaying.
    Each subsequent hour is cheaper.
    There is no reference to the check-in and check-out hours.
  • Protection of personal belongings
    We have lockers for your luggage.
    There is a receptionist on duty.
  • Aerolive
    Life in a space capsule.
    Smart TV, computer games and Xbox.
    Interesting selfies.
You'll love it in the capsule
Comfortable orthopedic mattress, pillow with "memory foam"
Constantly maintained cleanliness
Smart TV and headphones
Fast Wi-Fi
USB outlets
Duty Administrator
Computer games
Xbox with the best games in Capsule 9
It is possible to accommodate two people in one capsule
Orthopedic mattress and pillow
Fast Wi-Fi and Smart TV
USB outlets
Laptop table, mirror and safe
Storage chamber 45×25×85 cm
We provide sheets on request
Rental of plaid - 300 rubles.
Game console xbox with the best games in capsule 9
Computer casual games in all capsules
In our capsules we have already rested
  • If you can sleep out of bed, this is your option for uncomfortable flights and transit.
    It was necessary to wait for the morning flight at the airport, I decided to take the risk and use the capsule hotel. I did not have anything on the mattress, but I had a new pillowcase, TV, internet, lighting and ventilation. The staff is friendly, everything was shown and explained.
  • My expectations were worse but it turned out to be great, your hotel was a great help during a long transfer, I did not have to go anywhere, I rested right at the airport saved money and time! Thank you for the comfortable stay, cleanliness and reasonable prices 👍🏽😊
  • A perfect place to rest between flights.
    Very good location, in case of flight delays can be extended. The hotel is situated in a very good location and if you have a delayed flight it is possible to extend the stay if you are in transit. Yes dear, the hostel is cheaper, but for someone who values personal space in transit - ideal. I was afraid that I would panic in a small enclosed room, but the white color and well-placed lighting + mirror gives the feeling of extra space. I don't recommend large and tall - there won't be much room.
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  • The capsule is well thought out to the smallest detail, there is no feeling that the room is small, everything you need is there. In general, the impressions of the hotel are positive!
    Alexander Sibirkin
  • Relaxing in a space capsule
    This is the first time I have stayed in a capsule hotel - very unusual! The space design of the "room" and the technical stuffing are impressive. I had a nice time while waiting for my flight. I can't only relax but also play games on the tablet inside the capsule. In general, great idea - no need to go anywhere, mini-hotel at the airport itself. The staff of the adjacent Expedition in Sochi store was very helpful and showed us everything. There is everything a traveler needs in a stopover.
    Marina Slobodchikova
After each guest the capsule is treated with an antiseptic solution and a germicidal lamp
We care about the safety of your health
We're close by.
Sochi Airport.
The building of the airport terminal.
Sector B, 2nd floor.

+7 995 105-30-03